: We utilize loadboards, brokers, shippers, and our professional network connections to find freight for our clients.

: Signing up for our service is easy. You can contact us through our website or by phone to get started.

: Yes, you always have the option to reject a load that we offer you. We work closely with our clients to find loads that meet their needs and preferences.

We work with a variety of factoring companies to provide our clients with flexible payment options. We can discuss which factoring companies we work with during our initial consultation

To have a dispatch agent, you will need to fill out and sign a Dispatch Authorization form. This form authorizes the dispatch agent, such as Truck Trips, to accept freight loads on your behalf, fill out brokers/customer carrier set up packets, sign load confirmations, and contact your insurance company for every load. Essentially, it's like a power of attorney where you authorize the dispatch agent to book loads for you in your name and handle all paperwork related to the loads.